Adam D. Schmaelzle, Esquire

Results that speak for themselves.

Criminal defense, personal injury, civil lawsuits, divorce and custody, & business litigation.

Bulldog Attorney- ... He’s a young Attorney with the DRIVE TO WIN..thank you Adam for everything…

CherylBulldog Attorney

A single word isn't enough to fully describe my experience with Mr. Schmaelzle. From day one, Adam made me feel confident that I have the right person to represent me and fight in court on my behalf.

CarlosOUI -- Not Guilty

“Many Thanks Adam- I had a pretty complicated case and Adam represented me. He walked me through the process and got me the best result. This guy is the Tom Brady of lawyers. Highly recommended.”

MichaelMany Thanks Adam

Adam is a GREAT Lawyer he will do everything he can to help you... I will recommend him to everyone. So look no further this is the lawyer you need. He will fight for you...

Cathy F.

I’ve worked with Adam professionally for 3 years in a court setting where we were on opposite sides. Adam is very intelligent, very professional and knows his stuff. I have Adam on speed dial for when someone asks me for an Attorney, I referred them directly to him. I highly recommend Adam for any case type that you might have. You gotta see him in action.

Emine Kajtazi

Adam is friendly, caring, trustworthy, and very professional. He works hard and efficiently and does his best to make the process as smooth as possible for his clients. If you're looking for someone that will give you all their support during a difficult time, and fight their hardest to help, Adam is your guy.

Samantha Lewis

Straight forward, hardworking, very ethical and talented attorney. He handled my case in a swift, clear and professional manner and insured that I understood all angles of the pros and weaknesses of the case. His professionalism is excellent and I am so glad that he represented me.