A very special thank you to all of my clients, both past and present. It has been a pleasure helping you all with your legal needs.


Excellent and Dedicated Attorney – Adam was amazing, he went out of his way on a complicated matter to get my ankle bracelet off, and after his hard work and dedication, I finally got it off after 19 months! He really went above and beyond and I would hire him again in a second. (Hopefully won’t need to). — Anonymous


“Satisfied Client – I lost someone very important to me in December 2015. I didn’t know what to do, I was heart broken and confused. I called Adam and reached out for help. September 2017, my case is closed and I couldn’t be happier.  He worked on my case for almost two years, and never made me feel like a nuisance or like I was wasting his time. Always with a positive attitude, respect and a willingness to accommodate. Going out of his way multiple times to give professional referrals, expedite documents and even meeting for coffee when I was having one of those “really” bad days.  It has been a terrible legal experience with an excellent attorney. I went through the most difficult time of my life thus far. Words really cant do justice to the level of appreciation and respect he has earned with me.I give my highest recommendation to Adam D. Schmaelzle.  — Henrique


“Amazing Lawyer Thank you Adam Schmaelzle! – Today 9/13/17 Adam got my case completely dismissed and I only had to pay $250 to the court! Mind you I have a 3-4 page criminal record I’ve done jail time and I wasn’t very good on probation last time so I didn’t think it looked good for me at all so I asked him maybe I could get suspended time and probation he said give me a minute went and talked to the d/a and said how’s getting it dismissed with a fine? I was in shock I could tell that this wasn’t easy for him but he sure made it look easy with his knowledge and skill. I am now going to school and striving for a better life thanks attorney Schmaelzle you made my day and now my life is going to get better! — Matt


“Simply Incredible – Adam was amazing, took complete control of the situation and made me feel that everything was going to be okay and it was! He had my case worked out before we even entered the courtroom, I hope to never need lawyer again but if I do Adam is the only counsel I will seek. — Dylan


“LAWYER – I WOULD highly recommend ADAM SCHMAELZLE to be in my fox hole. HE was there for me and answered all calls, and explained every thing in a manner that I could understand, 24/7. Adam got a family member found NOT GUILTY on a very complicated case. FOR EVER GRATEFUL. –Michelle


“I Choose You! – I’d first like to start by saying I am extremely proud of the work done by Adam D. Schmaelzle. I thought my life was ruined and I thought I was going to have to serve a long time in a jail cell. I did not know what to do or who to call my life had crumbled. But it was not over yet as I was leaving the court house I happen to run into Adam and we started chatting. He did not know at first I was there for a case but he soon found out after I had informed him. He then relieved me with the news that he would represent me for not one but both of my cases. I could not believe my ears I smiled with joy and I felt the life jolt back into my body. Over the next 3 months Adam fought my case in which he was very knowledgable. I was soon free and set with probation. It was unbelievable, just like that the job was done. I want to thank Adam once again for giving me a second chance. I highly recommend Adam 10 out of 10 times. This is just one great story and many more but Adam this is why I choose you! — Juan


“A Sharp Knowledgeable Attorney – Adam represented our son recently under somewhat unusual circumstances. He was a terrific attorney and we were extremely pleased in the outcome. He made himself available for consultation and was a true professional in all aspects of handling our case. We would highly recommend Adam if you are seeking a knowledgeable, trusted and compassionate attorney.  Thank you again.” –Barbara


“Review on Adam – Me and my son were so lucky to have had Adam in our corner. Without him my son would probably be in jail right now as we speak. I am so grateful for all that he has done for me and my family. I was going through a very stressful time in my life, as well as the situation with my son, and Adam was very supportive and caring through all of it. I would recommend him to anyone, as I feel he did his job and he did it well.” –Beverly


“The Best Choice For You – When I had lost all hope in my case and truly thought this wasn’t worth a fight, Adam not only gave me the confidence, but the satisfaction that I was in good hands and would be OK! Adams knowledge and keen sense of your case and the law is amazing. He truly fights for you and that in its self is what makes him such a great choice as a Lawyer. I would absolutely recommend Adam to anyone. You will not be disappointed.” –Melanie


“Adam D. Schmaelzle Great Lawyer – Adam did a great job with my case, I honestly thought I was going to be in big trouble but Adam did a great job and time to review the case and I only had a fine and a slap on the wrist. I highly recommend Adam to represent you for future run in with the law. I wouldn’t think twice to call Adam to represent me in court, he really did a great job and if you ever need help with the law call Adam! He will do anything to help you with any legal troubles.” -Chris


“Great Representative –Mr. Adam took a very serious case of mine he handled it very well. He represented me very professional and was out for my best interest. I highly recommend Mr. Adam Schmaelzle to anybody that is in need of an attorney.” — Ulysses


“Exceptional Lawyer – Adam went above and beyond our expectations! He is someone we would definitely recommend. His demeanor and professionalism are without question. He is definitely one of the best in his field. If you are in need of a Lawyer Adam certainly comes with high recommendations”!– Laura


“One of the Best Lawyers in the Worcester Area – I have reached out to Adam on numerous instances for everything from legal and business advice to tax advice and he has never let me down. His knowledge for the law exceeds the standard limits and he goes over and beyond your needs in order to help you. He is very professional and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer in the Central Massachusetts area.” — Behzad


“Amazed – I was defended by Adam, and was more than pleased. Besides surprising me with an excellent result on my case, he presented excellent evidence that clearly proved my innocence and I didn’t even know about it! He showed up two big time lawyers defending me and really put them on the hot seat. He was methodical and genius in the way he presented my case. And he was eloquent in his words. One of the better lawyers I’ve had, and I’ve been working with big law offices in southborough and boston! More than pleased with Adams work. Highly recommend.  Celia


“OUI – So I hired this Adam D. Schmaelzle to be my lawyer for my OUI case I got. He was a very good lawyer and I should recommend you to have him as a Lawyer for any OUI cases because I got my case dismissed and I would never thought it would get dismissed. I am very greatful and happy to have him as my lawyer. If you guy have any OUI I suggest you guys go to him. He’s the man.” — Sedaritha


Highly RecommendedAdam is a great hard working lawyer. I hired him on a OUI case I did not feel very confident on. Adam had explained to me all the possibly choices and outcomes I could make leading up to the trial. After consulting with him for the few months leading up to the trial I had gained confidence. Adam managed to get me off on a case I did not think I had a chance on. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” –Anonymous


“Listens and Cares . Gets you what you deserve! – Adam has a strong way of really listening and getting you what you need. I was very pleased with how thorough, professional and above all, successful with my situation. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs “a good lawyer”.”– Kyle


“Most Honest Humble Attorney Ive Ever Had The Pleasure To Meet! – Adam took care of me as if I was family. This guy had no reason or motivating factor to go above and beyond in helping me with my case and he took care of me knowing that I wouldn’t have much to offer in return. He genuinely has the character of someone I’d put my faith in to resolve any issue that could dictate the rest of my life. Very hard working and dedicated to make sure that ever option is exhausted and sought out before walking in and winning your case. He’s very well educated and knows his law inside and out. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney who they can whole heartedly trust and count on! His motto seems to be to work his hardest and treat everyone the best he can. If that isn’t reason enough to check someone out I don’t know what is. Thank you so much Adam for what you did for me.  God Bless man! — Thalmon


“Great Lawyer – Attorney Adam Schmaelzle provided me with great and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that he was easily accessible along with vigorously get me the results that I wanted. Attorney Adam Schmaelzle produced the quality of an attorney that anyone would want when hiring a lawyer.” — Roman


“Excellent Attorney – I hired Attorney Schmaelzle for a very complicated matter that I was not very optimistic about. This was the first time I needed a lawyer so needless to say I wasn’t sure what I was in for. Adam explained the process and what the different outcomes could be in a clear and concise manner. He was always very positive throughout my case even when I wasn’t. Adam is honest, caring and extremely intelligent. Due to his professionalism and expertise I was able to win my case. I couldn’t have hired a better attorney and I would recommend him to anyone.” — Sandy


“Excellent Attorney – Adam is an excellent attorney. He showed a great deal of care and compassion for my case, carefully considered the details, and worked diligently to provide a better than expected result, for a more than reasonable rate. I was facing a probation violation, and he convinced the judge and probation to withdraw the violation at arraignment. This is the first time I have gone to court and ever gotten a good resolution. I would recommend Adam to ANYONE seeking a diligent and experienced attorney. He is very knowledgeable of the law, and cares about seeing justice come favorably to the accused. I would definitely hire him in the future. I am extremely satisfied with his services.” — Dylan


“Above and Beyond (5 Stars) Highly Recommended- Adam went above and beyond for me! I have a lengthy criminal record which I was most likely looking at jail time for.  Adam listened to me as a person not just another docket number and fought for me… I’ve had lawyers in the past that read off on a piece of paper my life in a few sentences not exactly knowing me.  Adam is different from the others, he spoke to the judge already knowing me as a client it was like he already knew me for years , with a vision and determination to help me in my best interest which resulted in what I wanted… I highly recommend Adam Schmaelzle as anyone’s lawyer.” — Fran


“Bulldog Attorney- At some point in our lives, we need an attorney, whether its good or bad.  My situation was not a good one, I met Adam Schmaelzle in a very emotional, stressful and uncertain situation. Adam was not only calm and a listener, he was determined to help me without any doubt. During my scheduled court case, he questioned evidence and tackled my case like a BULLDOG. Never did he show weakness in losing my case. He was always on time for court and ready to WIN. He’s very confident and passionate about his practice, many attorneys I’ve had in the past are either late for court, rarely prepared or try to negotiate the worst deal ever, not Adam. He’s a young Attorney with the DRIVE TO WIN..thank you Adam for everything…..” — Cheryl.


“Thank you Adam- My lawyer went above and beyond with the case and got me a cwof verdict on a very hard case. I didn’t think I could get this outcome but Im glad I got him.” — Anonymous.


“Protective Orders- He was honest, listened, professsional and patient. He listened to me, he understood my position and worrys. He wasn’t trying to get paid, he cared. He gave advice and has heart. He stood by us and he helped us and never gave false promises. He worked hard and made me feel like a priority. He has my highest recommendations to be used again or recommended.” — Anonymous


“Awesome Lawyer– He was the best attorney that I could of had represent me. He was extremely intelligent. Adam would check in with me often, go over in depth and in detail with the case. He was always early, and he saved me from missing out on my family’s life. I have nothing but good things to say. I hope that you have Adam represent you if you want a lawyer that is concerned and all about your best interest.  Thank you Adam.” — Christopher.


“Client’s Mother- Adam was awesome. Very attentive to the demands. We felt the need for my son to be in a long term drug rehab program. Adam spent 2 hours just before the trial calling all over to see if a bed was available. Then when none could be found, he got the trial extended for 1 week giving us time to find him a place. He continued during the week to try to find a bed and was responsive to my texts and emails. Then at trial he diligently worked with the probation officer to get an agreement to allow my son to go to the treatment program instead of jail and was successful in doing that.” — Esther.


“Case Dismissed!- I am very pleased with the way Adam worked on my case.  He was very professional, polite and was able to communicate well with the prosecutor and myself.  He took my case to trial and was able to get it dismissed.” — Kiara.


“DUI/OUI- If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of needing a DUI/OUI lawyer I strongly recommend Adam Schmaelzle.  He is not only extremely professional, but also empathetic and unrelenting.  I can say with 100%confidence that he will fight to make sure you have the best possible outcome.  Adam is extremely intelligent and highly competent.  He will review your case from every angle and explain things to you in a very human way that will make you feel at ease, not judged.  We all make mistakes and at times these mistakes have legal consequences .  Adam cares about getting you the best possible outcome, so your life is minimally disrupted. .  I would recommend him to anyone.” — Sarah.


“Very Professional- I was a defendant on a case and Adam represented me.  He was very professional throughout the entire process, which can be very nerve-racking.  Throughout the duration of my case, Adam was clear with me about the various elements of the legal process, and in the end he was able to get my case dismissed.  I would tell anyone I knew who needed the services of an attorney to contact Adam.” — Leslie


“Amazing Lawyer- Adam has been the best advocate I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He was my attorney on a criminal matter in Westborough, MA. I can honestly say that he cares about his clients and has their best interests in mind. He is man that knows the law and knows what he’s talking about.. He fought hard for my case and I am very grateful.” — Matthew


“Adam- An Excellent Massachusetts Attorney- I have had the pleasure of knowing Adam for over 5 years. Adam presents excellent skills and the highest degree of integrity. He is a passionate advocate for anyone he represents and will always give you his finest work.” — Tyler


Adam Schmaelzle- I am very happy to have had Adam Schmaelzle as my lawyer for my recent court case. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. He kept me informed throughout the case and explained to me everything that was happening and was going to happen. He made me feel comfortable and I was totally confident in his ability to represent me. Mr. Schmaelzle deserves to be recognized for going above and beyond for his clients. He is a very nice gentleman and I would not hesitate to give his name out to anyone in need of representation. Thank you.” — Diane


“Great Work Adam- My friend and I consulted Adam over injuries we obtained during a motor vehicle accident. Adam was extremely profession and helpful. He explained what the process would be like from start to finish, the things he would be doing for us, and the things we could do to help him with the case. He set clear expectations and answered the questions we had. I had a great experience working with Adam and will call him again if I ever need legal assistance.” — Chris


“Great Help- I’ve consulted with Adam on a couple different matters and for each, he was prompt in responding and gave a very helpful assessment and recommendation. I would not hesitate recommending Adam’s representation to anyone!” — Anonymous


“Criminal Defense Case- Mr. Schmaelzle was both patient and professional. He explained the possible scenarios of outcome with great detail, and was able to negotiate the best outcome. It is apparent he is well versed in his area of practice. I would use him again, without hesitation.” Melanie



“Dedicated- I endorse Attorney Schmaelzle for his passion to assist others and commitment to advocacy. It is clear his clients’ successes are a result of his dedication and expertise in litigation.” -Cavan


“Great Experience- When I learned I needed an attorney I wasn’t sure where to turn. A friend of mine who has used Adam in the past recommended him and I wasn’t disappointed. My legal matter went WAY better than I anticipated and I was extremely happy with the end result. I would highly recommend this lawyer.” — Michael


Highly Recommended– I was very pleased with Attorney Adam Schmaelzle’s representation of me in all of my matters. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of an attorney.” — Geoffrey


Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Attorney – Attorney Schmaelzle represented me during my unemployment appeal. He was wonderful, and I don’t believe I would have won the appeal if it weren’t for his help. He helped put my mind at ease throughout the process. I would hands down recommend him.” — Colleen


Fantastic Lawyer – I was very pleased with Attorney Schmaelzle’s services. He was very helpful and was successful in reaching my goals with my situation.” — Alexander


Great Attorney – I was charged with three counts in Westborough court. Attorney Schmaelzle was able to get all three counts dismissed. I’m very pleased with his representation and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.” –Eric


Very Professional – As a young lawyer he showed much confidence and knowledge. Explained everything in detail and it all went according to his predictions. I would definitely use him again.” — Steve


“His Reputation Speaks for Itself- Attorney Schmaelzle is a fighter. His reputation speaks for itself but I endorse him as a highly skilled attorney who is passionate about his clients and doesn’t seem to give up, even in the face of a very difficult situation.” — Daniel


S Corp Filing – I needed to file an S Corp and some other legal matters. Adam took care of this for me without issues. He was efficient, professional and made the process very easy. Great job !” — Brad


Eviction/Tenant Dispute Resolved –Sometimes it is difficult to handle a situation not knowing whether to enter it with logic or emotion. Adam is a skilled practitioner who knew when to use both at appropriate times. He understood our sense of urgency but also calmly addressed the court-process and carried us through it, explaining to us at each step how it will work. People consider Doctors, Teachers, Firefighters, as noble professions, Adam definitely brought us closer to the realization that good attorneys, at the right time, with the right intentions, and the right skills, could have you consider them as noble too. Our resolution was effective and timely and to the best possible outcome that was very acceptable to us given the time-constraints we were under and we could not have gotten there without Adam.” — RMC


Highly Recommend – I’ve had an attorney in the past but my experience with Adam was much different. He was professional and dedicated and I would highly recommend him!” — Abbey


Excellent Experience – I was very happy to have found Attorney Schmaelzle. He was able to resolve my case quickly. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a great defense attorney.” — Abel


“Well Respected-Attorney Schmaelzle is very well respected in the legal community for his zealous advocacy on behalf of his clients and also for the integrity with which he comports himself in that advocacy. I recommend Atty. Schmaelzle and trust in the quality of his representation.” — Monisha


One of the Best Attorneys Out There – I hired attorney Schmaelzle for a very complicated and private matter. He was very sensitive to my situation and fought very hard for me. His ability to stay focused throughout the duration of my legal matter was remarkable. I will definitely use his services again and I will be referring him to anyone I know who needs a great attorney. I can’t thank you enough Adam.” — Client


Excellent Defense Attorney – I hired Attorney Schmaelzle after being arrested while I was on probation. My case looked bad on paper and I was not very optimistic about my future. However, after getting to know me and the specifics of my case, Attorney Schmaelzle argued my case with both the Probation department and the Court, towards dismissed and/or reduced charges. I was very impressed by his handling of my case, which resulted in what I think was the most favorable outcome possible. My family and I are very thankful to have found Attorney Schmaelzle and would recommend him accordingly.” — Adam


“Knowledgable and Highly Effective- Attorney Schmaelzle and I worked together on a Business Litigation matter. He proved to be knowledgeable and highly effective. I was very happy with the outcome of the case and will continue to work with him again in the future.” — Mark


Excellent defense attorney! – Adam is at the top of his game in the court room. I hired him to handle a very difficult case where the odds were stacked against us. I was impressed with how prepared he was and how articulate he was when he presented the case. He knows and understands criminal law very well. He’s very concise in his delivery and very persistent in debating his case. The hearing was a success!” –Jim


Great Attorney – Adam represented me in two different counties for probation related matters. He was excellent in providing a defense for me and was noted by one judge as “making an excellent argument”, and for “doing a great job”. I would certainly recommend Adam to anyone in need of a good defense attorney!” –Mike


“Many Thanks Adam-  I had a pretty complicated case and Adam represented me.  He walked me through the process and got me the best result.  This guy is the Tom Brady of lawyers.  Highly recommended.” — Michael


Child Custodial Advice – Adam is an amazing representation of what it is to be and honest and caring lawyer. I recently came to him with some much needed advice about custody options for my son and he was more than helpful. My situation is a little difficult and he made answering my questions easy and informative. Thank you Mr. Schmaelzle.” –Client


AMAZING – Adam fought my case when no one believed me about a domestic abuse and he fought it to the end until the judge realized the other party was lying. I owe my life to this laywer and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. He is absolutely the best when it comes to justice and i’d bet my life on him.” –Jonathan


Highly Astute Legal Practitioner- Adam is not only a highly astute legal practitioner, but an incredibly personable attorney. He is incredibly dedicated to his clients and it truly shows. If I had a personal injury or criminal matter, Adam would be my first choice for legal representation.” — Robert


Feedback – I have to admit that hiring Adam to defend me was a good decision and an excellent recommendation from a good friend. His ability to talk to people and educate them with their case situation is more than satisfactory. I clearly understood all of his explanations and I felt very confident in front of the judge while Adam was in my representation. Additional to this, he also served me in a different situation that could affect my case in obtaining a good decision from the judge, but he did the great job to assist me resolve this situation as well. I truly recommend him with his ability perform his legal practices to anyone looking for a good lawyer. Thank you, Adam.” — Jaime


Excellent Attorney – Adam recently helped me with a landlord tenant issue. I was able to not even have to go to court, the case against me was dismissed. Adam did such an amazing job. He has a high degree of honesty and integrity and knows the law very well. He is very understanding and listens to everything you need to say.He always either answers my call on the first try or calls me back immediately. This legal issue caused me so much stress, anxiety, and upset. I could not have gotten through it without Adam. I could not have asked for a better result. Adam shows you that all stereotypes about lawyers are just plain wrong. If I am ever in the area again and have legal troubles, I would see him. If you hire him, you won’t be disappointed.” — Amanda


Very Helpful & Well Recommended – It was my first time getting into an accident & I had received a surcharged notice, one of my clients that I know told me that if I went alone I wouldn’t have won the case, so she had referred me to Adam Schmaelzle & it was the best thing I had ever done, he was very on point with my situation; pulled up the scene to where I had got into my accident and I explained it to him and he understood it perfectly which was great! He was very nice, made me feel comfortable while explaining my case to him so it was a good experience,& on time with everything and even early to the case when it was my time to go. I would highly recommend someone to see him if they need him because he was a very good lawyer!” — Lynn


Unwavering in his Representation – I worked in conjunction with Attorney Schmaelzle on a case involving a military Veteran. He provided exemplary legal counsel to this Veteran resulting in a favorable disposition by the court. He was unwavering in his representation and argued in favor of this Veteran receiving necessary psychiatric care to address his issues. I would strongly recommend him again for support of our nation’s Veterans.” — Regina


Highly Professional and Knowledgeable – Attorney Schmaelzle is highly professional and knowledgeable. He genuinely cares about the welfare of his clients and he will give you a high quality defense. He is willing to go the extra mile to help. If you are looking for someone who is looking for your best interest and willing to actually listen to your needs and worries during a difficult situation this is the right attorney for you. He also provides you his contact information where he can be reached at all times. I recommend him without reservation to anyone looking for legal representation.” — Anne


Professional & Attentive – I had been getting harassed for a few months and recently I decided to take legal action. I called Mr. Schmaelzle for help and the very next day he met me at the courthouse to file paperwork. He made the whole process from filing paperwork to appearing in court as stress free as it could be. He was extremely prepared and organized. He had my best interest in mind and fought for what I needed. He was also fast to respond to my calls and questions. He is a very professional lawyer, who has helped me tremendously.” — Kathryn


Very Responsive and Personable – This was my first time needing a lawyer. Needless to say, I had no idea what I was in for. I called Adam and he called me right back. As soon as we spoke I felt 100 times better. He explained the process and what the steps ahead were. He kept me informed and was always available when I had questions. Adam really understands the court system and the people that make it run. This is what really made this case come to a resolution that was far better than I expected. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal counsel.” –Adam


Amazing and headache free Experience – Adam represented me and was an amazing help. He always kept me in the loop of what was going on and he was always there to help out with any questions i had. This was my first time working with a lawyer and i am happy with they way i was treated with compassion, honestly and communication. From the first dialog to our last i always felt that Adam had my best interest as his priority. I hope in the future that i do need any legal help, but if i do or if i have any questions Adam will be my first call, i would recommend him to anyone i know looking for legal help. Thanks again Adam for everything you did for me.” –Jack


Top notch representation – At no point during the time that Adam represented me, did I feel that I was being ‘misrepresented’. Adam has a long, successful career ahead of him. Please consider him the next time you need to retain counsel.” –Paul


Excellent is an understatement–I needed an Attorney at Law who was professional, helpful and provided the advice I needed consistently. He was easy to reach and made a situation that seemed so complicated come to a resolution in record time. I would highly recommend him. He was absolutely amazing.” –Mary


Simply Amazing–I was in need of a stellar lawyer so I contacted Mr. Schmaelzle. We briefly spoke over the phone and I informed him that I was in need of his services. Even though it was very short notice, Adam agreed to represent me in court. I was very please with the outcome in court and would recommend him to anyone. His vast knowledge of the judicial system is going to take him very far in his profession.” –Alfredo


I would highly recommend Adam Schmaelzle he’s Excellent!!!-Finally I found Adam brought him my case and he worked miracles in a few months time…. I couldn’t have done this without him he kept me informed every step of the way no matter how big or small he let me know. He always was there to answer questions return calls even worked on weekends and called to fill me in! Couldn’t ask for a better dedicated lawyer than Adam. I will continue to use him in the future should the need ever arise. I would also like to add that he was beyond reasonable for all the work he had done and I can not thank him enough! …. Thank you again and you can have faith in trusting Adam for your lawyer :).” –Crystal


Highly Recommend Attorney Adam Schmaelzle–Recently I had an extremely stressful case involving a driving without a license case; subsequent offense. I had feelings that this was not going to be easy and prepared myself for the worst. Attorney Schmaelzle was honest and direct in his advice when we met. He discussed with me that he would do all he could to help me. Let me say that not only did he fight for me, he truly got me the outcome of a life time. I will be forever grateful to him for his efforts. He is honest, direct and he did an AMAZING job. He was professional, clear, courteous and best of all effective. I would encourage anyone with any legal concerns hire Attorney Schmaelzle. I am happy and grateful I did.” — Francis


Very professional and helpful–I found Attorney Schmaelzle when I was in need of a lawyer to help me with a closing on a investment property. Since then I have had him rewrite contracts for my business, he took over collections for my business and is now my go to lawyer. He answers calls, gets results and will be my lawyer for years to come!” –Michael


Great Experience–Attorney Schmaelzle represented us in a real estate closing. He was very patient with me and worked will with the other closing agent. I would definitely recommend using Adam and will use him in the future.” –Karen


I HIGHLY recommend this lawyer!!!!!–Atty Schmaelzle represented me in my tough, stressful case today. He settled it before going to pre-trial, and I was sooooo satisfied with the end results, it was better than what we originally anticipated on. He is extremely honest in advice, and a very honest lawyer. He will be the first one to call if I need him again, I just cant express more how happy and satisfied I ended up having him represent me, and I will always recommend him to any friend or family member that is looking for a good lawyer!!!! Thank you, again, Atty Schmaelzle :).” –Barbara


Excellent contract attorney.-I was looking to setup a business doing general contract work and I needed assistance drafting my legal documents and service contracts for my customers. He walked me through the steps i needed in setting up my company in a corporation, and took the time to make sure that all my contracts gave me all the proper protection I needed. Anytime I had a question with something he was always available when I needed him, i would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney to setup their own business.” –Ray


Lemon Law Representation–Adam represented me in a Lemon Law issue with Ford Motor Company…. I was getting nowhere working on this myself for a year and finally decided to hire a lawyer so Adam became involved in the last four months and because of his involvement I am now the owner of a 2014 F150 brand new Ford truck as their hand was forced to take the lemon back. I would encourage anyone who thinks they are in possession of a lemon vehicle to contact Adam. He is the right person to do the research, find the facts, and honestly tell you whether you have a case or not. He is right on top of things and was overly responsive to my every need and question. He is a true stand up guy in the business.”–Arthur


Great Attorney ~ sucessfully settled my personal injury case–Attorney Schmaelzle represented me in a personal injury case . I fell at Burlington Coat Factory in December on the ice. He was very informed, professional, courteous, and successfully settled my case in less time than I anticipated. Anytime I called him he was available, or returned my call very quickly, He came to me each time, as I did not have a car at that time. He goes above and beyond what is expected, and even negotiated the medical liens down from the original amount. Adam is a very understanding and was never condescending an any way, I always felt comfortable speaking with him. I am very pleased with his representation of my case, and will highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.”– Lori


Real Estate–Adam was introduced mid-stream, in a real-estate tenant landlord dispute in Worcester MA, January 2014 because of his ability to present creative ideas to complex challenges and communicate the benefits eloquently…working with Adam has been breath of fresh air. On several occasions when problems arise his ability to respond with resilience and efficiency to change proves that not only does he understand the complex legal stages, but has the ability to juggle multiple competing priorities with ease while being diligent and conscientiousness.” Ghassan


Great lawyer-Adam was extremely succesful in helping me fight a shoplifting case. He was able to get my case dismissed before even going in front of the judge. He is extremely dedicated to his job and fights for what is right. I am lucky that he represented me.” –Yurany